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If there are runners on first and second(Or the bases are loaded) and less then two outs when the batter hits a pop-up to the infield, he is automatically ruled out to prevent fielders from dropping the ball on purpose to try to turn a double play.
Since the bases were loaded with no one out, that easy pop-up became an infield fly, so the third baseman doesn't need to catch it.
by birdboy2000 July 16, 2004
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Somebody explain this
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
Baseball sexual metaphor for when there's an unequal ratio of males and females at a party and one member of the dominant group leaves to create an equal ratio.
John called the infield fly rule at the party and left so it didn't turn into a sausage fest.
by Shazam814 December 10, 2009

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