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An individual who is unconditionally devoted to the World/Inferno Friendship Society. See also obsessed, fanatic, and arrogant. Sometimes referred to as "kids who like to get drunk and break stuff," though they range from high school-age theater geeks and straight edge vegans to aging punk rockers and art school drop-outs. To become an Infernite, one must first pen 500 posts on World/Inferno's messageboard, attend more shows than anyone else, and have been touched or looked at by Jack Terricloth during a concert. Pics or it didn't happen.
At first I thought I was at some sort of cabaret or klezmer concert, but then the Infernites started stagediving and playing wtih matches. The next thing I remember I was waking up on the beach at Coney Island with a black eye and my purse all full of confetti.
by Miss Nonesuch November 12, 2007
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the crazy punk rock and gypsy kids that congregate in mass numbers to beat the fuck out of each other and sing their hearts out at world inferno friendship society shows. they often know every line and know exactly when to do the "claw" the especially devout ones will wear fancy suits and vintage party dresses to inferno shows only to get them shredded and doused in cheap wine and beer. some infernites even hold personal acquaintance with the band members
October 31st is Hallowmas which is the night all of the best infernites congregate and celebrate a holiday with no christians or martyrs involved.
by terricloth August 20, 2006
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