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Indocker (ĭn dŏk'ər)

An indie with aspirations to be a rocker. They infiltrate rock clubs looking AND acting like a lairy Liam Gallagher or Ian Brown. It is debatable why they do this but the most popular theory is that they like some rock as well as Indie but prefer to dress Indie.

The Indockers occasionally approach rockers or goths to mock their dancing or dress sense in the same way a chocker (chav rocker) or a trocker (trendy rocker) would but less often. Furthermore, they tend to be more friendly and self-aware e.g that it's them who's a bit out of place and looking a bit silly in the context of a rock club. Plus it's hard to take them seriously dancing to Disturbed as if it's the Charlatans!
"I met this well friendly indocker at Jilly's Rockworld. He was off his face and bought me a drink and kept going 'yeeeah, alright man, yeeeeaaahhhh, wooow, yeeeah, how's it goin' man, you rock man, yeeeeahhh'.
by enigmacrypt April 14, 2009