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Pronounced ahn-doe-sheen.
A French band, been going since 1981. Original members were Nicola Sirkis, Stéphane Sirkis, Dimitri Bodianski and Dominique Nicolas (If I remember correctly). Nicola is the sole remaining original member. The line up is now Nicola Sirkis, Boris Jardel, Olivier Gérard, Marc Eliard and François Soulier. On their latest album, Alice Et June, Indochine collaborated with AqME, Wampas, Scala And Kolacny Bros and Brian Molko.

It's a real shame that they're widely unknown in non-French speaking countries. Language shouldn't be a barrier when it comes to good music *sad shake of head*
Person 1: Have you heard Indochine's new song?
Person 2: Who's new song? Indysheen?
Person 1: Never mind.
by Bethany November 23, 2006

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A Club in Zurich where the magic happens ;)
Girl 1: I'm going to Indochine tonight
Girl 2: Ohh, be prepared ;) you might get some tonight!
by LILALULELI October 25, 2010