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a person who listens to 'individual music' i.e. indie that is reasonably stupid/idiotic
INDIE DONNIE: how many emos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
EMO HARRY: i dont know..
INDIE DONNIE: none, they just sit in the dark and cry *dies with laughter*
EMO HARRY: *sigh* you indiot
by apple <3 November 20, 2005
Someone who aligns their self image with "being indie" so much that they become a self-congratulating, navel-gazing, self-involved bore.
"I was reading goodhodgkins.com last night, man, mp3 bloggers are such indiots!"
by snubbles July 26, 2006
1. An idiot of indian backround.
2. Akshay

Originates from a drunken slurring of "You goddamn idiot indian bastard!".
You goddamn indiot bastard Akshay! You go to hell and you die!
by The Great Enlightener July 04, 2004