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An indian, generally used to refer to people of Native Mexican / South American descent.

Note that hispanic and indio are not the same; hispanic refers to a person or Spanish descent. Some of their heritage may derive from native american people, but the majority is Spanics or Portugese.
He's an indio; his parents are straight Incan from Ecuador
by Sean November 20, 2003
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An above-average-crime-filled and illegal drug-infested city of about 93,000+ people situated in the Coachella Valley (or locally known as the Desert Empire, or simply, DE) in the Colorado Desert of Southern California. Also locally known as "I-Town," it is home to some dangerous and territorial street gangs, such as Penn West, the Varrio Jackson Terrace (VJT) gang, and the North Side Indio (NSI) gang. In addition, it is mostly considered to be one of the "non-resort" cities in the valley, along with the neighboring city of Coachella, which is ALSO crime-filled AND drug-infested (obviously), but only significantly worse than Indio. The city itself also smells pretty bad in several areas, such as the front entrace of the city's library (smells of human/cat urine/feces), near the railroad tracks (smells of some... oil? Or?... I'm not sure), and at/near farms and ranches. Pretty much EVERY area south of the I-10 freeway is ghetto, especially the "Old Town" area of Indio. Below-average income, broken economy, bad/putrid smells, horrible and dusty air pollution (even worse on windy days), it's all here! Oh, wait... but it's also home to several annual festivals, so, that's a plus!... I guess. Avoid this very city at almost every cost!
Homie 1: "Foo, everyone knows dat Penn West rules dat I-Town. VPW X3 Gang, f*** da rest, homie!"

Homie 2: "That's right, boi! It's all 'bout dat big bad Indio!"
by bgraves98 January 02, 2017
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Here's the shortened version of the definition for Indio:

Yet another boring, dry, hot, dusty, agricultural desert city in the eastern half of the Coachella Valley in Southern California. It's 120+ miles inland from the coastal, populated regions. Somewhat similar to the Imperial Valley, only more developed and urbanized. The city has bad air quality at times due to its location being less than 25 miles from the Salton Sea and several other factors, such as its numerous fields and ranches, empty dirt lots, and the sewage plant. Also home to several annual festivals, hence the city's so-called nickname "City of Festvals/Ciudad de Festivales."
Random person: Where are you originally from?

Bob: Indio.

Random person: Indio? Where's that?

Bob: It's far too inland in a California desert valley.
by bgraves98 January 23, 2017
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