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A very dangerous team in the AFC. They have a history of beating the hell out of their opponents.
The Indianapolis Colts played against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field and just beat the hell out of them.
by Saints January 16, 2005
the crappiest team with the most over rated QB in the NFL. usually liked by people who have disabilites and/or homosexual. typical fans usually have intercourse with their sisters.
"dude did you see the Indianapolis Colts game?"
"yea, omg they lost to the raiders!"
by Reece Grahm November 02, 2009
Perhaps the largest collective group of underachievers and whiners in the history of professional sports. Their starting quarterback - Peyton Manning - routinely racks up huge numbers, loses to the World Champion New England Patriots, and cries and pouts during and after a loss. They have yet to win a meaningful game, even though the NFL changes the rules to benefit their already potent passing game. Peyton will break every passing record in existence, end up in Canton, and have no rings to show for it. See Dan Marino.
Wow! The Indianapolis Colts dropped 42 pts on the Patriots today and still lost by a touchdown!
by World Champions October 04, 2005
all offense + no defense = early exit from the playoffs
Manning and Harrison are awesome, but the Colt's defense sucks!
by Say What? March 23, 2004

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