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This term comes from the the movies, obviously. It means that something is Sketchy, or you are unsure of something. In case you never noticed in the movies, everything Indiana Jones climbs on, or any bridges he crosses, always look unstable as if they will collapse at any given time.
"Dude, the stairway leading to your place is SO Indiana Jones..!"

"Oh my god! when you leaped over that Indiana Jones sewer, that was fucking Megatron."
by Andrew Dax Drilling August 05, 2008
7 32
When you have to crap and don't think you're going to make it. You run down the hall, drop your drawers and shit comes out as you're sitting down. Similar to the rolling rock scene in Indiana Jones movie lore.
Whew! I just barely made it to the crapper in time! That was a real Indiana Jones!
by thamongrel May 10, 2008
20 48
to be jonesing for or have a strong need to go to the state of Indiana.
Playa I'm tired of pimpin' it here in Ohio...I got big time Indiana jones!
by Nick D March 18, 2003
23 67
to be "jonesin' for" or have a really intense need to go to Indiana
Playa I'm sick of hangin' out in Ohio...I got serious Indiana jones.
by Nick D February 13, 2003
20 67
Pat "Jonesey" Mathiesen is sweet.
by Die_Tasse February 09, 2005
4 54
my faux husband. divorced man i live with. my manny. unemployed man who takes care of my child. dependable in all scenarios of house sitting, baby sitting, pet sitting. makes good tacos, salsa and spaghetti. has vagina phobia.
I don't know what I'd do without my Indiana Jones since my husband is always gone!
by viscioustart March 28, 2005
14 65
sex move. While penetrating the vagina from behind, the penetrator must use his thumb to excavate the asshole. If the female being boned allows the thumb to stay in the asshole for an extended period of time, the penetrator must use his thumb as a "shoehorn" to ease his member inside the rectum. This way, the female will have no chance to retaliate while the switch is made
She was surprised when I gave her the Indiana Jones , but she didn't make me stop.
by Cory "The Drill" Hill August 08, 2006
23 76