Nickname for someone in the center of a wall of death. There's only so much time to reach the side of said wall of death before getting sandwich fucked by a bunch of sweaty dudes.
Larry - "Dude, did you see that fat guy running as fast as he could from the middle of the pit?"

Johnson - "Yeah, he totally pulled an Indiana Jones!"
by FATChaD August 01, 2010
verb; the act of passing your body through a closing door, as opposed to holding it, leaving another individual with the horrible fate of having to take the effort to open it. As seen in Indiana Jones(except you'll look like a douche if you drop your hat or if you do it when your alone).
Smith: So are you going to start on that report?
Jones: Yeah, I need that promotion so it's got to be good.
Smith: Oh could you you get that?
(Initiates Indiana Jones)
Jones from opposite side of door: Indiana Jones'd BIOTCH!
by BrosephTheIII July 28, 2010
Sexual act: beginning a tongue-punching event with your partner(s) by partner A (receiving end) releasing a fart and at the same time partner B (performer) replacing the displaced air (the fart) with their tongue into the butthole.
Chick: Hey babe, I totally want you to lick my asshole
Dude: Totally, as long as I get to eat your fart, you know, Indiana Jones style.
by AW32, Dillfert October 31, 2013
When you go to a party and bring shitty beer (i.e. Natural Ice, etc) and you still drink the seasonal beers and craft ales already in the fridge. Just like Indy with the bag of sand for the idol. Watch out for the boulder....
-Why did that guy chase you down the street?

-Cuz he caught me indiana jones-ing his pumpkin spice ale for my PBRs.
by assfinger November 12, 2010
adj. Used to describe the act of straddling an individuals face and slapping the face in a side to side manner with the penis like a whip.
Suzie passed out last night so I used the Indiana Jones to wake her up.
by The Wolfpack2010 June 18, 2010
Whilst getting a blowy, you pull out, lower your dick to the side and whip it across her face, all the while making a "whipping" sound, gracefully adding "It's Mr. Jones bitch!" This all takes place as the Indy theme song blares in the background.
After picking a chick up at the club, she started giving me a shitty blowjob, so I had to Indiana Jones that bitch.
by littlefritzy January 01, 2010
When someone who regularly shaves their pubic region is on an adventure where what they are doing is more important than pubic greatness
Jeff: Are you excited for your trip to Kenya?
Jack: Yeah it's great that I can help those in need but I won't be able to shave my balls and Jenny hates it when I'm Indiana Jones!!!
by TheFunnyBone June 17, 2011

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