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A school were you have a thousand cliques, the teachers are full favoritism, the principal is rarely there, the food is gross, the fights are lame and you have "teams" that define if you are stupid or not. The drama program sucks and they never put on good shows. The P.e. teachers are fat and laugh at students. The dances are full of FAIL, and the play list consists of cha cha slide, cupid shuffle and soulja boy. The fads are wearing a color polo under the already nerdy uniform, peace signs are a must if you want to look cool, rolling up the sleeves is must if you don't want to look like a nerd. Indian Ridge is full of rednecks, preppies, emo's who are going through phases, the ghettos who "dont give a f if your in their way" the hippies, the skateboarders and a list of other "unique" kinds of kids. Its also cool to use lots of curse words in every sentence and talk bad about teachers. The relashonships last a week and if its "love" 2 weeks.
kid: Did you hear about Indian Ridge Middle school?

Kid 2: Yea, its the one that everyone calls an "a" school when everybody really cheats and its full of white kids who desperately want to be popular and be accepted.
by JBbaby January 22, 2009
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