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A middle school in Davie, Florida, FILLED with superficial, greedy, conceded, snobby, spoiled, fake, selfish, wretched, know-it-all jerks. It has and over-abundance of parsimonious, greedy Jews, preps, EXTREME ghetto wannabes, the absolutely wonderful backstabbing hoes. Of course most of the kids that go to this school have money, therefore making them think they're the shit. People at this school think they're the shit and would totally kill just to fit in with the "popular"crowd. There is drama overload at this school and some pathetic bitches that go there too. There's just so many things you could write about this dumb ass school but overall its fucking terrible.
Dude#1- Hey! What school do you go to??
Dude#2- The worst school ever.
Dude#1- Oh damn. Sorry man, I didn't know you go to Indian Ridge...
by ThatPaolaGirl October 20, 2011
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