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Someone who is always hyper, crazy, lovely, wonderful with a brilliant sence of humour and fit as! (Not tooting my own horn by the way).
OMG!!! She is soooooo Indi
by PeanutButterJellyTime January 09, 2008
141 51
Indi's are adorable, funny girls with great senses of humor. Usually blonde. Indis have beautiful eyes, and are great athletes. They have athletic bodies. Indis have a tendancy to flirt with boys, and they depend on friends.
OMG I love herrr she's such an Indi!!
by Xoxomsmouse December 04, 2013
10 4
Short version of an indian. It means indian man. Only an indian can say it to another just like a black man says niger.
Whatsup my Indi??
by Skitz March 13, 2004
52 76