An extremely talented band with not only orgasmic vocals but also kickass instrumentals. Their style is of their own, and their lyrics are hard-hitting. Each of the five men are very gifted and have very strong drug drives.
Incubus tended to be stoned a lot while working on their earlier albums
by Elaborate June 07, 2005
Male version of a succubus. Visits his victim at night and has sex with them. He does this to suck out the woman's life force during their sexual episode.
Pietro is one
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003
A male sex demon. He will take the form of an appealing looking man to the average human women and tempt her to mate with him. That is his goal. To mate with a human women so he can then Produce more of his evil species. :)
by mindy August 09, 2003
The most awesome metal-funk turned alt.rock band that ever existed. Members include Brandon Boyd(the most creative, sensual, and down-to-earth guy alive-basically the quintessential man), Mikey Einziger(the most underrated guitarist in terms of creativity and shear talent), Jose Pasillas III-drummer extraordinaire, DJ Kilmore(known as Chris-replaced DJ Lyfe and turntablist Jedi master), and bassist Ben Kenney(who recently replaced the bands original bassist Dirk Lance, but hey he's still cool in my book). So far, the band has had 7 official albums which inlude: A fungus Amongus, Enjoy Incubus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, When Incubus Attack Vol.1, Morning View, and A Crow Left of the Murder. The group formed in 94 in Calabasas, California, where Brandon, Mikey, and Jose went to school together.
1 guy-Dude, I just bought an Incubus albim, like you said, and my life has now taken a change for the better. I'm gonna go make myself so I can be redefined. Hopefully I can experience the warmth before I grow old. I really wish you were here so we can like, go surfing or sumthin.

guy 1's awesome friend- Kudos to you my friend. Um, would I be out of line if I said that I miss you, too?

by redefinedcrow February 05, 2006
The best band ever. Anyone who is just into incubus cause of..Wish you were here, Nice to know you, Pardon Me, Stellar, Drive, and Are you in..Are obviously not true Incubus fans.
Incubus is more than the band on Mtv.
by Alejandra January 30, 2004
I interpret it as Incubus being not a demon that has sex with women in their sleep, but a condemnation made up by religious people for wet dreams.

If the wifey has a little happy dream about the mailman one night, they want her to wake up extremely disgusted with herself, thinking that she has sinned.
Pastor Billy Bob: Mrs. Smith, you have been visited by the Incubus demon three times this week. God will become testy if you continue to try his forgiveness.

Mrs. Smith: I'm terribly sorry,'s just...we got a new poolboy and....
by Azwethinkweiz June 03, 2005
the best band ever \m/ ^_^ \m/
OMFG Incubus is the best band ever!
by Ace January 07, 2005

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