The most awesome metal-funk turned alt.rock band that ever existed. Members include Brandon Boyd(the most creative, sensual, and down-to-earth guy alive-basically the quintessential man), Mikey Einziger(the most underrated guitarist in terms of creativity and shear talent), Jose Pasillas III-drummer extraordinaire, DJ Kilmore(known as Chris-replaced DJ Lyfe and turntablist Jedi master), and bassist Ben Kenney(who recently replaced the bands original bassist Dirk Lance, but hey he's still cool in my book). So far, the band has had 7 official albums which inlude: A fungus Amongus, Enjoy Incubus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, When Incubus Attack Vol.1, Morning View, and A Crow Left of the Murder. The group formed in 94 in Calabasas, California, where Brandon, Mikey, and Jose went to school together.

1 guy-Dude, I just bought an Incubus album, like you said, and my life has now taken a change for the better. I'm gonna go make myself so I can be redefined. Hopefully I can experience the warmth before I grow old. I really wish you were here so we can like, go surfing or sumthin.

guy 1's awesome friend- Kudos to you my friend. Um, would I be out of line if I said that I miss you, too?
by redefinedcrow April 27, 2006
One of the best bands made. And not saying Brandon Boyd is incubus i am saying that they would not be able to be incubus without his amazing voice.
Incubus is fucking awesome!
by ndgsjs January 26, 2004
1. Latin translation loosely describes the word "nightmare" it is a mythological creature who visits women in the night and engages in ghostly sexual intercourse
2. The Greatest Band Ever: Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Ben Kenney, Mike Eizinger, Chris Killmore
she wore metal underwear to keep the incubus out
the incubus concert was amazing
by dirk lance September 11, 2005
1. A demon that rapes and impregnates women in their sleep.
2. A band from SoCal that has played very diverse music and still will for many years to come.
1. My sister was raped by an incubus in her sleep last night.
2. Incubus's best album was S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
by JacoLnternSymtom November 05, 2003
A perfect definition of a rock band
There is only one Incubus.
by Agnes December 20, 2003
The best band in the world, and there is a common misconception that Brandon Boyd IS the band just because he is the frontman. Amazing, amazing lyrics and musical talent even if their newer music has become a little more washed out. They are still innovative and always bring a style of their own!
by vivian October 22, 2003
Two things:

A mythical demon that rapes women in their sleep (male version of a succubus).

An 0wnAge alternative rock band that became quite well known to the world back in 1999. They release almost totally different stuff with each album

*Incubus's best songs are I wish you were here, Pardon me, Megalomaniac and Out from Under.
by KrOnicK July 24, 2005

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