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in-CEP-shun-oy-uh (noun)

The paranoia or irrational fear that your world is either:

1) a dream
2) a dream within a dream
3) a dream within a dream within a dream

following the viewing of Inception. Inceptionoia usually results in the creation and possession of a totem, as well as a newfound desire to find fallicies in the universe.

Note: one who feels that their world is a dream within a dream witin a dream within a dream (limbo; everything is possible and the world can be created as the person desires) is not experiencing Inceptionia, but is clinically insane.
Anna: I can't believe you made me watch Inception. I've had Inceptionoia all week and had to create a totem to be safe.
Michael: I'm part of your security team. You are asleep and someone is trying to steal information from you; try to remember how you got here.
by The 4th Derivative February 27, 2011
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