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Combination of 'incest' and 'nepotism.' Separately these words either mean 'having a physical relationship with a family member' or 'giving preference in the work force to family members.' By combining the two we now have what is known as Incepotism- Two persons that are closely related, becoming just a little too close to each other. It could be anything from step-siblings always bumping into each other as one is leaving the bathroom in a towel immediately after showering, or two sister-in-laws frequently grabbing a drink at that lesbian bar just down the street from the softball diamond. Incepotism leads to incest, it's like stage 1 of cancer. . . . it can get worse.
Carlos: Hey Juan, did our wives join that softball team because they're trying to lose weight?
Juan: Yeah I don't know man, it would make sense because they have been spending a lot of time together at hot yoga. Aunt Jackie said something about incepotism, but I don't speak Latin.
by Jerr Bear April 12, 2010