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A good comeback to use on losers on the net who can't think of any better comebacks then "hey YOu1 you are fag! fuk u!" Calling someone a inbred hick usually gets them squirming to figure out what that means.
Loser: "hay! go sUCK my momas cock bich!"

You: "Shut up you lame ass, insecure, retarded, Inbred Hick"
Loser: "wut? thats niot real word bitc.h!"
by CoolBeanz123 December 06, 2010
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The product of incest. Although inbreeding is undesirable and unhealthy, an incestious relationship can be quite beautiful.
inbred hick is my example.
by ichbeinshleitzbergvongrachtein October 17, 2005

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