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1 a : dating from the remote past : ANCIENT b : persisting from an earlier time
2 : of, relating to, or originating in a past era
3 : to be old and out of touch, bad at the internet, and chat with people half your age all day
Holy shit that guy is inam, he had a -4/80 kill/death ratio in UT2K4.
by Sithren April 18, 2006
Acronym: Insensitive New Age Misogynist. In response to political correctness and the drive to make males responsible for every ill to befall our planet, the INAM movement has been gaining in popularity. INAMs fight for a return to traditional family values of where it is OK to wolf whistle from a building site and where "the little lady" will have dinner and a cold beer ready when the man of the house comes home.
Feminazi: Your such an INAM pig.
Solid Bloke: Don't fucking forget it….now where's my fucking dinner?
by jacqueslacouth April 05, 2014
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