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A superhero who defends humanity against the Forces of Evil and the Dark Lords who control them through his mystic powers of inaction.

He possesses the gift of Sight, allowing him to see things that don’t exist, and superhuman powers of inaction, enabling him to do nothing for a very long time.

Together with his assistant, The Symbol, and the world’s second great superhero, The Illogical Woman, he battles the dark pan-dimensional forces that surround us but go unseen by we mere mortals; lost and ossified as we are, in the fatal fog of routine.
"Only by the powers of inaction can the evils of action be undone," Inaction Man warned his assailant.
by Ministry Fox January 12, 2012
Someone who does nothing fun... EVER. Someone who would rather hang out with his mom on a Friday night, when all his other "friends" are out clubbin' or something cool.
"Friend": Hey, wanna go clubbin with all of us cool people?!
Randy(Inaction man example): No thanks, I think I'm gonna hang out with my mother tonight... like everynight.
"Friend": Kcya

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