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The perverted version of a sexual innuendo.
Woman-"Doctor, I'm getting a little tired of the sexual innuendos".

The Todd-"In your end-o"
by allllllllllll July 12, 2008

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A sexual innuendo to the word "innuendo."
"That's what she said" is commonly referred to as an inyourendo.
by One Twenty7 January 22, 2011
A provocative way of referring to a sexual innuendo.
Awesome Facebook Friend: Come hang with a fellow night owl and act stupid until you pass out. We have a couch LOL.

Me: I would so be there, on that couch, if I could! Um, that sounded naughty. LOL ;)

Awesome Facebook Friend: HAHAHAHAHAH! You nut! That was my fault. I need to watch the double entendres.

Me: The double what?! Is that like in-your-endos (innuendos)? L O L
by Katy Kab00m July 25, 2010