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The best god damn burger in the whole world better than a Krabby Patty
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
A british term used in relation to having sex.
"I was lookin to have a little in n' out with your sister."
by Trevor November 25, 2003
synonym for "sex".....
I went in and out with your mom for an hour!
by Umm May 06, 2005
What I like to get at Le Trapeze If I'm not using the ZX2000. Sex, intercourse, you know....fucking!
Mmmmmm. I was watching American Idol and suddenly got sidetracked by a Ballslap and had to get some in and outs.
by Andi March 03, 2005
the act of defecation while enjoying your favorite fast food combo meal, preferably a #1 double double from the chain of the same name; physically ingesting food into the body while simultaneously releasing it from the body
Scott decided to wait for Craig to return with his combo meal before heading to the john for his daily dumper, thus achieving the glorious in and out.
by jeardon69 July 10, 2008
The store in Ontario where you buy beers. All beer stores have in and out signs in the parking lots.
Hey lets go down to the "in and out" and get a 2-4 of beers
by Ottawa Valley Girl September 01, 2009
(Verb.) During an instant messaging session were after a long, usually awkward pause, one of the two people participating in the chat begins to type but quickly takes it back, leaving the other person to wonder what they were going to say. Usually the person doesn't question what they were going to say.
6:12 - Guy #1: So yeah.
6:12 - Guy #2: yup..
6:15 - Guy #2: (begins to type.)
6:15 - Guy #2: (Deletes what he had)

*Guy #1: Wow way to pull an "In and Out"*

6:20 - Guy #2 logs off.
by Gangsnappa August 17, 2009
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