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Commonly used as a diss against someone when competing in an activity in which one will shout "IN YOUR FACE!"
by Lotto23 January 31, 2005
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defiantly confrontational; also an exclamation of contempt

According to the The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, this slangy phrase originated in sports journalism about basketball during the 1970's as a phrase of contempt used against the opposing team and extended to other areas in the 1980s.
"In your face, mister."
#fuck off #piss off #screw you #eat me #kiss my ass #buzz off #bugger off #thank you #your face
by Beachsaint December 03, 2007
obvious; overt; uncompromising; aggressive
That Big Black record has the most in-your-face guitar sound I've ever heard.
#in your face #totally #agressive #obvious #face
by Faiella November 12, 2007
I got a babe from a cheerleading squid, and you failed. In your face
by taksin March 06, 2016
confrontational and impudent, aggressively confrontational,
Why is the guy who made this movie so in-your-face about his beliefs.
#computers #drugs #fashion #idioms #in-your-face #military #politics #religion #sports #students #t.v.
by The Return of Light Joker August 17, 2011
a drinking game in which a group of people pick 2 cards each from a deck of cards and one person flips cards from the deck and when a persons card is flipped they choose a person to drink by screaming "IN YOUR FACE!!" at them.
In your face Hayley!!
#drinking games #fun #drunk #card game #college
by Kbyrne March 22, 2007
term used to fire back at any diss or comment
hey, my banana is soft
i'll banana you in your face!!

damn you're a little homo
i'll show you homo in your face!!

mom, where's the cookie jar?
i'll cookie jar you in the face!!

hey jason, can you pass me that drink?
i'll pass that drink all over your face!!
by chotoboy April 26, 2005
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