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(Adj) The same. But more so.

At a higher level.
"You were a bit spannered last night, weren't you?"

"In Spades, mate. In Spades"
by Stan Grytviken April 01, 2003
A declaration that is made emphatically; without question and beyond doubt.
"she told him off in spades"
by Trogdor November 04, 2003
A Canadian Alternative band, which consists of, Zac Meekins (singer/guitarist) Dean Adams (bass/singing) Micheal Getz (Piano) Gabe Getz (Main guitarist) and Derek Flynn (Drums). They are best known in canada, and are known by some people in america. They've released a four song E.P called stars, and they are releasing their first Full CD in early 2011. and their signed to Stand Fast records.

Theyve had their music featured in Entourage.
In Spades let the producers of the T.V program Entourage use their song "Starz" on show.
by Dday19 January 22, 2011