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A small/small medium car of the compact/compact sedan/compact sports breed, i.e. foreign makes such as but not limited to Honda, Toyota, Mistubishi vehicles, that have been modified with various after-market parts in an attempt to make them better, faster, and more appealing to other owners of cars of the same type and style. Another trait associated with Import Tuners is the link between them, their owners and various forms of street racing, as is accurately portrayed in all of the Fast and the Furious movies and the game, Need for Speed Underground. The "usual" age 18-30 drivers of these cars usually are looking to prove themselves on the street and are most commonly:
1. Young Asian men of the wankster variety.
2. Young White men, commonly of the wigger or wasian varieties.
3. Young Black men with "whips" who act like/are posers/pimps/gangsters.

Possibly the most defining marks of an Import Tuner would be any or all of the following:

1.ABOVE ALL, a large, fat After-Market Exhaust Pipe that produces a loud, deep sound upon sudden acceleration, this action done at times when a fair amount of traffic is present to produce the desired ego high.

2.After-Market Taillights/Headlights, usually of the newest LED varieties.

3.Custom Decals/Paintjobs done to make the car look fearsome/more powerful than others in a street race.

4.Large Chrome Rims and tires to fit, sometimes too large for the vehicle but added anyway.

5.Under-Car Neon/LED Lighting systems, such as StreetGlow.

6.Any other various and seemingly out-of-place performance/aesthetic parts such as hood scoops, roof scoops, spoilers, carbon-fiber hoods/doors/panels, colored brake boots, chrome-parts etc.
Jim: All these little import tuners almost hit me last night going a million miles an hour down the highway!!!

Tom: Posers.
by Prophecy2012 August 04, 2008
any imported car, that is modified, pushin over 150hp
my nissan altima is an import tuner, because im pushin 170 hp, and can go 150 mph, and still get 20 mpg
by tyler E February 06, 2006
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