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Common saying used when declaring either:
a) One's plans or intentions, as made popular by a recent Black Eyed Peas song by the same name.
b) one's inclusion is the Superfamily Apoidea, a major group within the Hymenoptera Order.
William: Imma be poppin' that bubbly, coolin' and livin' that good life.

Stacey: Imma be up in them A-list flicks
Doin' one-handed flips, and Imma be sippin' on drinks.

Bee: Imma be! (Buzzz, buzzz, buzzz.)
by madelaine99 December 04, 2009

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A hip and latest word of today's "I'm gonna be"...OR
"I'm going to be"...OR "I may be"...

Hence, it's a shortcut, specially used in Instant Messaging, texting and/or eMailing in order to conserve a long sentence thus saving time specially for those who are non-typists.
Immabe in the store at that time.
Immabe busy tomorrow.
Immabe looking for a job.
by Randy Deguzzi April 03, 2006