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The often-entertaining, occasionally regrettable biological urge to,even after a night of wanton alcohol abuse and revelry, despite a Herculean hangover, partake in alcohol consumption the following day. While the exact science is unknown, many chalk it up as:
A. A hangover cure
B. Debilitating alcohol addiction
C. The opportunity to avoid sobriety, but what the hell do you care? You are unemployed because of option B.
D. A means of hydration, since your financial destitution prompted the city to shut off your water, a product of A, B, and C.
Thank God for the imbibal instinct or I never would have passed the MCAT.

After rolling over and seeing the she-beast I slept with last night, the imbibal instinct allowed me to enjoy the rest of my time in Vegas.

The resurgence of New Orleans as a travel destination is due in large part to the imbibal instinct.
by muscles glasses June 18, 2011
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