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Imanol is they type of person that care for you in a different level. He will never give up on you. Imanol always has a different opinion because he always looks for the best option. Imanol makes me laugh like no one else can. Imanol can change any bad situation to happy ones. He respect girls and treats them like their supposed to be treated. Most of all imanol believe in God and believe in hope all the time.
I wish imanol was here, he's is always their to make me laugh and to give me advice so my day can be better. Imanol is always worrying about other people instead of himself always. I wish Imanol was here to make me laugh and to love me .❤❤
by From a true friend May 03, 2016
very annoying person does not listen thinks they can trick you but cant and is a crybaby and also a scardy cat!!
Girl 1:omg imanol stop!!
Girl 2:serioulsy
by kattiiee February 23, 2013
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