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Imagine Dragons is an Indie Rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They're a rather new band, and you might have heard their songs It's Time, Radioactive, Demons, etc.~ They're fresh and quickly rising to fame. If you haven't already heard of them, you will soon.

Vocals: Dan Reynolds
Bass: Ben McKee
Guitarist: Wayne Sermon
Drummer: Dan Platzman
*Man is jamming out on his headphones*
Woman: "What are you listening to?"
Man: "Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of my ears having orgasms and my entire body wanting to erupt in dance."
Woman: "You could have just said you were listening to Imagine Dragons.."
by ImagineDragonsPro January 01, 2013
An overplayed, extremely mediocre and dull pop band that have been unfortunately classified as "indie", further proving that the stereotype is being mindlessly thrown around to pop bands who have just a little bit of keyboard in them. Completely uninspiring and unfortunately, some actually praise them for writing the opposite. They appeal to a mass of uneducated who would not understand music if it slapped them in their face. Because banging on a drum while screaming third grade lyrics totally makes you different and cool. But, no surprise if a third grader actually named this band. A complete rip off of M83 if anything. Lead singer Dan Renyolds sounds like a less nasal version of Chad Kroeger and is probably next in line to fuck Avril Lavinge. Hipster Runoff even named "Radioactive" the worst song of all time.
Imagine Dragons will be crowned the next Nickelback.
by TwoHeadedRoy August 25, 2013

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