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A ridiculously good-looking person. A person everyone tries to look like.
"Oh my god...I want to be ridiculously good-looking like Imad" - Umaiyavan
by WESSSSSIDE May 17, 2008
149 59
Usually followed by the phrase "umad?" or "umad bro?", which is often used to agitate the person, who is already agitated, even more.

Often he responds with no, so "umad" will be repeated until he is so agitated by this phrase, making the goal of "umad" successful, i.e. the person is really mad now.

However, by saying "imad", you admit that you are mad, making the goal of "umad" fail, i.e. the person did not get agitated (more) by the phrase "umad".
- umad?
> Yes imad
by Kashaku June 20, 2011
18 25
Fresh, sexy, but big belly.
I would totally date him if he wasn't such an Imad.
by Patty Platypus September 15, 2010
18 40
Stands for 'icon maker's appreciation day' and happens on April 2nd each year.
Happy IMAD '05, dude! Your LJ icons rock. :D
by a Geek August 01, 2005
16 67