Like the name says, he is the King of his World. The greatest user on the GameFAQs SmackDown Here Comes the Pain message board. A suave mofo who has a way with the ladies, and is cooler than cool.
anonymouse GameFAQs user: I wish I could be more like ImTheKingOfMyWorld!
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld August 18, 2004
Top Definition
Cool guy on GameFAQs, though a bit random. He's pretty funny most of the time, and most people on the SvR SB like him.

He coined the famous phrase "Represent yo!"

He made saying "Word!" cool.

And he also brought us "It is Fez!"

ITKOMW = cool
ImTheKingOfMyWorld truly is the King of his world.
by Anonymous GameFAQs User April 03, 2005
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