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The chances are if you're searching this you're bored.
fml there's nothing to do right now.. Im bored :(
by PyroPivot September 06, 2010
what you say when you have absolutely nothing to do and can find no pot.
The state at which you want a meteor to fall through your ceiling and hit you in the leg, just so you'd have something to do.

Places People Are Bored:
1) School
2) Work
3) Sitting on a Bench
4) Waiting for someone or something
5) Watching movies from before 1960

Things people do when they're bored:
1) Add words to
2) Bubble in all the a's,b's,d's,e's,g',o's,p's, and all the other letters with loops in them in a novel
3) Teach themselves useless skills like balancing a pencil on their nose or throwing cards
4) Try to move things with their mind
5) Watch a TV channel that only has static on it
Josh: dude, i'm bored.
Kevin: deal with it, you douche.
by Kevin1212 January 23, 2007
1) a statement of just how bored you are.

2)what a man say's when he means "i want sex"
1) I'm bored. fetch me some pot

2) "hey, honey, i'm bored, you wanna stay in tonight?"
by sethkasketch May 17, 2009
a phrase used:
when theres nothing to talk about and or say
when people want to say something that they have in common with someone else

#1 John: yo man....
Jack: ....sup......(akward silence)
John: bored
by trixareforkids April 22, 2008
A subtle way of seeking or suggesting sex, often used online, in chat rooms or online discussion boards.
Examples can often be seen posted by generally heterosexual persons posting on otherwise gay discussion boards. A tip can be posting history or lack thereof.

Often the person will enter a chat with "I'm bored" with no prior history of visiting that location. If chat is engaged, it will be revealed they are actually bi-curious or otherwise seeking NSA connections.
by misnomer May 13, 2010
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