Phrase coming from the hit comedy central show, Dave Chapelle. Usually done in a voice mocking Rick James/ Dave Chapelle.
"I'm Rick James Bitch! Show me your titties"
by Jockly May 31, 2006
First stated on the Dave Chapelle show On COMEDY Central. The act of Being able to do any thing at any time or Place. Any easy Excuse!
<wiping muddy boots on a White couch> Your excuse...I'm Rick James...BITCH!!
by Sarah December 22, 2004
This is a quote from Dave Chappelle from the "Dave Chappelle Show." This has to be the most maintsream saying I have ever come across. Dave ended the show, because people would walk up to him and say "I'm Rick James Bitch" and he'd go nuts. How long will it be when this die?
1st Person - Hey it's Dave Chapelle
2nd Person - Hey it is
1st Person - I'm Rick James bitch, I bet you never heard someone say that to you
2nd Person - I'm Rick James bitch
Dave - shut up, shut up..... I can't take it anymore. Jesus christ man.
by Bobby666 December 20, 2005
A phrase used in a skit about celebrity R&B singer Rick James on the "Dave Chappelle Show". Comedian Chappelle uses the phrase to mock James' alleged (according to Charlie Murphy, comedian Eddie's brother, an intimate of James) diva attitudes and misogyny.
In one skit where Chappelle is playing James, he demands a women have sex with a friend. "Bitch, come on over here and have sex with Charlie Murphy. I'm Rick James, bitch!" In a 2nd example he's in a bar explaining "I'm one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time. One of the best singers, one of the best looking motherfucker's you've ever seen. Hold my drink, bitch."
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
when a guy lets a girl know he aint playing around.
hold my drink girl. im rick james bitch
by riggs March 23, 2004
Tier you cock sucking asshole you stole that entire definition from my beloved Maddox! eat my balls.
I'm Rick James bitch! smell my balls you cock, come up with your own rants next time, bitchnuts
by KrAzY_KaRl November 28, 2005
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