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1. a clever combination of illiterate and bitch, used to described a female who is complaining about something she has no understanding of.

2.can be used literally for a female dog who can not read, also a a female human that can not read.
3.a mispronunciation of "a little bitch"
1. "dude, yo girl is complaining about not having money, she hasnt had to work a day in her life, what an illitebitch." 1-"bro, why didn't your dog listen to the 'warning cliff' sign?"

bro- "she's an illitebitch, but she was smarter than yo inbred sister"

3. tinkerbell- "did captain hook just call me an illitebitch?"
peter pan- "no, he's a pirate, he speaks weird. he called you a little bitch "
by vakee June 29, 2010
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