Heaven on Earth

I am currently at school in Cleveland Ohio, trust all of Illinois rocks. I am from the suburbs of Chiacgo, i did not realize how good i had it until i came here.

First of all you cannot buy alcohol after 10 in ohio. they have no 24 hr. establishments, and their football team is the Browns.

The best things about Chigao are the pizza, Da bears, and that there is actually things to do here. those reasons alone are reason enough to live here.
"Obviously God is rooting for da bears, or else he would not have put them in Chicago."
by i miss chi-town February 23, 2005
probably one of the best places in america. theres chicago and the Downstate, and they're both awesome. illinois has everything, from the big city to the rolling farmlands, from the mississippi valley to the hills in the south, from the cliffs and bluffs in the northwest to the beaches in the northeast. from the extreme seasons to the fast drivers, and the endlessly booming suburbs. illinois is an amazing place to have your home in, and an awesome place to grow up. oh yeah, its POP, not soda or cola or any of that shit
illinois is my home, and i love it. and we're not all hicks, even if we're farmers!!
by a fat bastard July 30, 2008
A state with Chicago and a couple major downstate cities. I-80 is the cutoff for what you call the beginning of downstate Illinois. Most of the state is farmland. People grow corn mostly. Cook County has some corn mixed in with the city. The Chicago counties are called collar counties. R Kelly and Barack Obama and Oprah are some of the famous Illinoisans. The capital is Springfield.
"That state is like Illinois, one city and rest of it farmland!"
by Sarah Springfield July 04, 2006
A flat, cool state in the Midwest that has the Nation's 3rd largest city: Chicago. The state is said to have two different regions. Those are Chicagoland and Downstate. However, Downstate also applies to cities and areas north and west of Chicago, too.

In addition to that, here's something to think about: With the completion of the 2004 Presidential Election, a new map of the United States was created, including the "United States of Canada" and Jesusland. However, Illinois would be totally Republican if it wasn't for Chicago. That's why it is inaccurate to include all of Illinois into the United States of Canada as a Blue State.
Illinois has two regions called Downstate and Chicagoland.
by The Kentucky Yankee December 21, 2004
A state south of wisconsin, north of kentuckey, west of indiana, and east of missouri. Illinois is mostly flat with some rolling hills. Alot of its major industry is from agriculture or related feilds. Contrary to popular beleif, not all of Illinois is like Chicago and Chicago is not the capital (it's Springfeild, Illinois). Springfeild is the home state of President Lincoln (he was born in Kentuckey, Ronald Reagen was born in Illinois too. Overall, Illinois is a nice and well rounded state.
Despite what some people think, Illinois is a good place to live and you'll have to get your own opinion on the state through reasearch and other stuff.
by northendwhitetrash March 22, 2007
1. (n) A state full of extremely verbose people.
Please see all previous entries about Illinois.
by myrrrrrrrranda April 11, 2008
Consisting of corn.
You ain't livin' until you eat Illinois sweet corn. According to someone I know.
by 8928672 September 14, 2009

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