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An Illann is the name given to the most amazing guy on the planet, there's just nobody else like him. He is the epitome of coolness, also referred to as Mr. Cool. Men want to be him and girls want to be with him. People named Illann are genuinely lovely people. They are spontaneous, kind, romantic generous and smart. So smart that they sometimes might make you feel dumb. They are the best friend you will ever have. Illann is also a synonym for sex, but only for sex where you have 3 or more orgasms. Illanns are the best.
Eg 1:
Person 1: My boyfriend bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers today!
Person 2: Wow, he's such an Illann...
Eg 2:
Person 1: I had really good Illann last night
Person 2: How many times?
Person 1: 7
by pumpkin-pie02 January 08, 2012
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