He is not lovable. I fuckin hate him... He is, by far, the hardest bullshit I've ever gone through. Untill I figured out that stupid-ass pattern. I hate you, I hate you Igniz!!! Also known as Alucard with God powers. Seriously, do a google image search or something.
"Alucard = Igniz"
"He is really easy. Seriously."
by Kooper113 August 28, 2004
Top Definition
The boss of the game King of Fighters 2001. He is a beast to defeat ( he makes use of fucking huge fireballs ;_;)Girly member of NESTS who wants to be a god.
Is this the end... of loveable Igniz?
by Photon October 06, 2003
The Bane of every KOF player's existence and the MAIN reason why people dislike KOF 2001. He's fucking too hard and broken to the point where gamers go insane.
Igniz: fireball, fireball, whip juggle, whip juggle, SDM.


by D.............B. April 17, 2011
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