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Usual uttered by a person that is trying to call another person ignorant but doesn't know how to pronounce it, let alone define it. Making them, in fact, the ignorant one.
He's so ignernt, always makin fun of me.
by Travis October 01, 2003
The way to pronounce Ignorant If you are from, or have ever resided in norther alberta.
Dont be ignernt, eat your moose meat
by Captainkirkfan November 28, 2010
(used intentionally and separately from "ignorant:")

1) So off the wall (in a good way) that ridonculous and stoopid don't even apply.

2) Condition of being completely out of touch with reality.
1) "Man, the mosh pit at that show last night was IGNERNT!"

2) "Did you see K-Fed tryin' to act all hard on TV like he's a hip-hop star? That fool is IGNERNT."
by Scot-T September 20, 2006
In Utah the majority of the people use an alternative Utahn form of the word Ignorant, which they say with their Utahn accent as Ignernt. It has a more admonishing tone and is meant to make the person feel like an idiot. "Ignernt" is not always used to replace "Ignorant", as Ignorant is actually used in it's proper formal form to mean lacking knowledge or awareness in general or just being uneducated or unsophisticated, and not as an insult.
Yer such an Ignernt Fuck you can't even spell Ignernt Fuck, and NO not "Ignorant" Fuck, you Ignernt Fuck. as you give him a rabbit punch to the back of the head
by Ignernt Utah August 09, 2015

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