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A person who has gone to the point that they are no longer ignorant but homo like.
Loud Retarded ADD Asian Children=Igmos
by HybridcO2 December 06, 2008
4 18
ignorant moron
"W" is an igmo.
by Fred October 16, 2003
90 34
IGMO refers to an ignorant motherfucker.
That fucking IGMO is hella annoying.
by cAnDiiE aNnA August 14, 2006
65 36
ignorant person
haters are igmos.
by thisshouldn\'t June 19, 2003
27 21
ignorant mother f*cker who has a tendancy to cut people off in traffic
Did you see that?! That igmo just cut me off!!!!!
by Lauren November 10, 2003
27 25
ignorant moron
charlee is an igmo because she said joe jonas's birthday is april 15 but it is august 15
by PAIGE AND MOLLY August 04, 2008
11 11
This is the short form of the phrase "Ignorant Moron".
Also stupid, fool, dip, dunce, brainless, dense, dim, dopey, gullible, half-baked, idiot, irrelevant, out-of-it, obtuse, out-to-lunch, senseless, rash, simpleton, wingnut, thick, witless, and 'tard.
As in, "The guy wasn't just ignorant or a moron. He was a total IGMO!"
stupid fool retard retarded ignorant moron idiot
by ALTARedSOUL June 06, 2011
5 8