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adj; /adv; /noun ; to describe a human being's level of combined intellect, knowledge, ignorance : summary of definition: knowing just enough about any given subject that when actively interacting and becoming a participant in said subject, you will likely become dangerous to yourself, your belongings, and to other parties involved closely or seemingly far removed. (see: common sense), (stupid), (also):



"Terry was goofin around on his computer and somehow crashed the Internet.(the whole damn thing)
He wasn't aware of his Igknowlledgance.

Oppenheimer and Einstein were Igknowlledgant, though concerned about atomic fusion, or fision, and the repercussions there of, they acted on it anyway...oops. You'd a thought knowing every action has an equal and opposite reaction they woulda shit canned the idea.
"They're only human."
by terryzz February 25, 2009
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