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An ifsy is a young woman who self-identifies as heterosexual, but might, under certain circumstances, engage in a meaningful sexual relationship with another woman.

An ifsy differs from a traditional bi-curious girl in that her potential interest extends beyond a casual physical encounter with another girl.

Since Miranda broke up with Jacob, she's been flirting with Sara a lot. I wonder if Jacob knew she was an ifsy.
#lesbian #gay #homo #dyke #bi-curious #queer
by was that too personal? October 05, 2007
Stands for I'mma Fucking Smack You.

Commonly used in chatrooms to express violent retribution when infuriated with another person's behaviour or ignorance.

Can be used in conjuction with the words "slap" or "punch".
Person1: "Broccoli is really disgusting."
Person2: "IFSY, Person1."

Person1: *Spam* *Spam* *Spam* *Spam*
Person2: "I'mma fucking smack you, Person1."
#smack #slap #punch #ignorance #violent retribution for utter idiocy
by ODphi March 12, 2009
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