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The Idrissi Complex describes a psychological need or hunger for social recognition in which victims feel they can only be validated by the attention of others. Often harmless at first, affected individuals usually appear to be "fishing for compliments" or "needing self esteem boosts". The most common way those with Idrissi Complexes satiate their need for social attention is through media particularly social media. If gone unchecked the need to be known and recognized turns into an obsession for those suffering from the disorder. In advanced cases individuals will display themselves in whatever way is necessary crude or legitimate if it helps them gain the attention they crave. Idrissi complexes can be seen in many celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian. The aforementioned individuals resort to acts such as pornography production, nudity, and general tactless lewdness in media settings in order to try and hold onto the attention of others.
She posted topless selfie pictures on instagram with her nipple "accidentally" showing through her fingers just to get more followers. We should really talk to her, she might have an idrissi complex.
#attention seeking #showing off #acting out #fishing for compliments #limelight #attention craving #attention starved
by ProfessorRPaul September 21, 2013
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