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Emanating from exceptionally stupid people Idiot Radiation has the effect of slowly chipping away at a persons intelligence/sanity. Although mild exposure can leave the exposed feeling angry, bitter, and or homicidal for short to moderate periods of time prolonged exposure has been known to increase an individuals resistance, acting as a form of inoculation. (At least in the cases where prolonged exposure hasn’t resulted in violence.)

Idiot Radiation poisoning is common to individuals working in fields that require daily contact with the public.

Effective treatments include: Listening to music, deep breathing, and becoming a hermit. Although alcohol has been known to be an effective treatment, in sufficient quantities it can result in an individual becoming the source of Idiot Radiation and should therefore be considered only as a last resort.

Idiot Radiation tends to effect groups more severely contributing to the ‘mob mentality.’

The only known cure is the complete eradication of the human species.
Dude, must be Idiot Radiation.
by flashwildecard January 01, 2011

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