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A term used to describe what is even more a.) stupid, dumb or idiotic b.) terrible, awful, destructive or horrid c.) boring or unappealing, or d.) derp or fail; than what the person using the term previously believed was the maximum amount of such traits to one a.) piece of entertainment b.) statement/theory or c.) person. This term was invented by Lewis Lovhaug AKA Linkara of, specifically their Inked Reality portion of the website. The specific review was of the comic Book "Eminem and the Punisher #1." Part of the show Atop the Fourth Wall.
Person A: ...Holy fucking shit man.

Person B: What's going on dude?

Person A: ...I can't believe it. A...a HIP-HOP song about BEING ON A BOAT?!? What the hell?? What kind of accomplishment is being on a boat? This is so extremely idiostuperific.

Person B: What the hell does that mean?

Person A: What are you not a ThatGuyWithTheGlasess fan?

Person B: :p you mean fanboy. That website is so idiostuperific.
by I, Da Ca$hman June 28, 2011
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