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A beautiful God-like woman who embraces her inner beauty as well as uplifts and promotes other women to empower themselves spiritually, physically, mentally, financially, and psychologically!
An Ideity is a women who for example models or does business and teaches other young women the ropes on how to also be successful instead of being intimidated or hateful towards her fellow sister! So disregard any other definition you may find online as that would be an antonym posted by a nefarious coward!
by Getreal August 09, 2012
1.)A person whose ego becomes overinflated to the point where one believes oneself to be a god or goddess.

2.)The belief that one has the ability to change one's surroundings to his or her will. Usually in conjunction with the above definition.
My Aunt is so demanding, she's almost an ideity.
by dooley bobdon January 05, 2011

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