Icy is the meanest, trilliest craziest bitch you will ever meet. Shes smart, but doesnt mind stooping to your level if you decide to start talking shit. She usually has her clique with her to destroy your ego, but can single handedly do as much damage herself. She drinks and smokes, but likes to pretend she doesnt on days Mon-Fri. If see her coming, GO THE OTHER WAY
"Aye whos that?"

"Oh shit, thats icy, nigga, dont even look at her!"
by ~BcIKnowItAll~ July 24, 2014
The point of being so buddy that you become unable to stop being buddy and then become icy. The antonym of being cold.
"Man, that party was so buddy."
"Nah, it was just straight up icy"
by vtib September 17, 2011
to be rich and have lots of bling.
"All these girls excited
Oooo ya know they like it
I'm so icy, so icy" GUCCI MAN
by hotnsexycmy May 27, 2005
1. The way you feel when you're keeping your cool and everything is really clear.
2. Also a synonym for cool.

Made popular by Scott Westerfeld's book series Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras.
1. Stay icy!
2. I'm lovin' the new shoes, very icy.
by Cabarette April 30, 2008
Fucking steezy. Also means sweet, awesome, boss-like, gnarly.
1. Yo man, that footjam whip was ICY!
2. Man, Austin, you're fucking icy!
by Aussie M MANG December 21, 2010
staying calm and cool, but ready for anything; cool but sharp, like an icicle. this term was mostly used in the vietnam era. The word "frosty", as used in the movie aliens, has the same meaning.
"we are almost back to base, but stay icy/frosty"
by jaycifer November 10, 2005
A Bitchy Girl
I tried To Talk To This Girl But She Was Actin All ICY.
by Kerry October 05, 2003
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