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Based around the idea or being owned , pwned , pooned etc.

To iconify is to reduce the size of ego, or self confidence of someone. Take an imac for example. There is the 'close' button on a screen, the 'maximise/restore' button, and then the 'iconify' button, to shrink the screen to a small icon.

A way of making someone feel worthless after being beaten in something.
After a playing a game in which Guy One is ass whooped by Guy Two.

Guy One: Man, i epically failed in that round. FML !

Guy Two: Hell yeah, you failed ! I iconified you, Dude!

Guy One: I hate when you iconify me, makes me feel like shit.
by mcgax February 21, 2010
to make an icon of. Ie. to idolize is to iconify something/someone
and b.
to make an icon for a computer desktop.
a, he iconified his hero
b. I will iconify my child's picture for my desktop. It will be the icon for the my documents folder
by Louise February 19, 2005
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