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I work in a hospital on the graveyard shift. Sure, there are lots of medical terms for this condition but none of them seemed to quite fully cover the issue so here we go.
Ickybuttitis is the condition of having disgusting genitalia issues. That includes the following, gonorrhea, chlamydia, foul smelling discharge, yeast infections, crabs, and or just basically unkept in that area in general. This definition rounds them all up into one category so you don't even have to know the specifics, you just know not to go there.
" I came home from a great night of booty but when I went to shower I noticed a foul smell coming from below. I went to the doctor and he explained that unsafe sex lead to me getting a bad case of ickybuttitis."
#icky #butt #gonorrhea #chlamydia #genitalia
by Sabadaba Don't October 11, 2009
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