Taking a fire extinguisher and spraying it in someone's face.
Mikey was a victim of icing when Tony sprayed him in the face.
by LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL August 25, 2006
A mysterious Physical Therapy/Bodywork technique.
This term is used in a condescending way to refer to trade
secrets that you will never learn, even if you spend large
amounts of money and take all the continuing education

The final flick, brush, glaze, goodbye, given to a student or
perhaps a disdained client at the end of a session. There is
apparent relish given to the ambiguity of this term as it
could be interpreted to literally refer to a bona-fide
cryo-therapy technique, or equally construed in a sexual
way. A "coup de gras" of sorts.

Not revealing your sources of information. Icing refers to
tightly held Copyright, Corporate and/or Trade Secrets -
that the instructor actually cannot legally copyright!
"I can teach you all there is to know, about baking a cake,
but I will not reveal my icing recipe."

The Professor was kind to all of his students, but never
shared the secret to his "icing" technique; not even with
his long term research assistant.
by Oilslick January 23, 2010
To give a young lady a coating of fresh, sticky man paste.
You ready for the icing bee-atch?
by Chest August 03, 2003
When a girl introduces an unsuspecting (usually flamboyant male) to her boyfriend. He excretes his man juices onto the man's face, and the flamboyant male returns the favor. If the act is reciprocated, then the icing has occurred. Otherwise, no icing has occurred.
Can you believe all of the icing that is going on? It is getting out of hand.
by GMFWB June 18, 2010
A jewelry store in association with claire's. has very cute earrings!
I got the cutest pair of earrings at icing!
by Rachael Hilston June 18, 2005
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