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A child usually between the ages of 12 months to 7 years, generally born out of wedlock for the purposes of obtaining the Government Baby Bonus. A spoilt little brat, whose parents think that telling the child not to misbehave is far better than disciplining the child. An Ichild is often the result of a slapper scrote relationship, but not confined to these types.

The Ichild is fast overtaking Apple's Iphone as the must have accessory for cool people.
Dave: Hey Josh, good to see you man how was your flight?

Josh: Don't ask dude, I had an Ichild sitting behind me, hitting my seat all the way. The slapper mother telling him not to do that, which made him do it more.

Dave: Ah the Ichild, all the cool people seem to have them now.
by Mushi Mush November 14, 2011
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