A stone-cold hottie whose immense and overwhelming beauty seems to stem from another realm. Most often found at festivals and shows, the ice fox is usually seen wearing whatever hippie garb makes them look the foxiest. Their beauty will freeze an admirer/onlooker in their tracks immediately from 5 to 500 feet away.

WARNING: Do not attempt to seduce the ice fox, especially in its natural habitat, for doing so may completely incapacitate one for several months.
Dude #1:Dude, check out that ice fox over there-
Dude #2: The one with the LED hoola-hoop and poi covered in body paint and surrounded by crystals?
Dude#1: Ya, totally- don't get too close man.
Dude#2: For sure, I can feel her chill from here.
by Thizzle-Titties August 25, 2010
Top Definition
Icefox is the name of woman whom has been in your life for quite some time, you've come to know her as a strong and rough individual you have grown to love though she has a cold side that appears when things/you "screw up". She is both good looking and daunting individual, she can induce both fear and awe from how she acts.
Guy: "My Friends an Icefox."
Friend: "How long have you known her?"
Guy: "Couple years, I love her but..."
Friend: "But?"
Guy: "I screw up constantly with her!"
Friend: "Explains why shes glaring at you."
by TweetybirdJazz January 05, 2012
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